Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm sitting on the flight home from Port-au-Prince after an absolutely amazing week and trying to think of a way to write and express what we just experienced. I'm emotionally wrecked {in a great way!}, physically beat up and exhausted {seriously, I would insert a picture of my black and blue legs, but I'd like you to keep reading :) }

We {Husband and I} went into this trip knowing that it MAY be our last time into Haiti. It may be time to pass the torch as God takes us along other roads. So, I was really praying that things would have improved for this little country with such a huge personality, that will forever hold my heart in its hands. All I had to go on was the U.S. media reports of how bad things still are, stating that much of the aid has not been received and that much of the devastation remains. I can't tell you how joyful, giddy, crying-happy-tears elated I was to drive down the previously shattered, broken, beaten and battered roads of this very special city and instead find new buildings, revived businesses, clean, bustling streets, tent cities gone, smiling faces....this is where I start to cry. Their faces. You could see the joy that has begun to return! They are working, they are back to "normal", they are happy.

It was 4 days into this trip before I realized something... Husband and I have been here 4 times. Three times in 2010, within the first 6 months of the earthquake, and now 2 years later. However, we have a team with us who has never set foot here. What do they see? What is their perspective? Naturally, what they saw was a completely different view. They could still see the dirty streets, the tent cities that remain, the cracked and destroyed buildings that have yet to be removed or rebuilt. It was wonderful to be able to point out all of the changes and show them what has been restored, but they simply had to take our word. And there is still much work to be done.

However, as a team we were able to open a new chapter. Our project this week was to work alongside the missionaries and the Haitians to pour the foundation for a new school. As we gave our all, leaving all we had to give each day, the next generation sat mere feet from us as we worked side by side to physically and symbolically build a firm foundation for those little ones to learn, grow and go on to change their world. At the end of the week, our teams gathered round Pastor Nikolai Louis, the school director, to pray a blessing over him, the students - present and future - and over that building. It may only be a building, but it's impact will be far reaching and we are so thankful and humbled to have been a part of its beginning!

So, as I sit flying away from that beautiful island, I mourn the part of my heart that stayed behind, but I look to the future for us and for Haiti.

Last thing I wanted to share was our devotion from this morning:

"What have you been given? If you've received any encouragement from others, give some away. If you have food in your cupboards, give some away. If you've been offered a forgiveness you don't deserve (which, you have) offer forgiveness to someone who doesn't deserve it.  And how about the gifts and talents God has given you? Whether you work in the ministry or in the corporate world, whether you're raising children or caring for your elderly parents; all of these are sacred when done with Jesus in mind. Bloom where you're planted. Use the gifts God has given you for His glory. Live with passion, conviction, courage, and compassion. Sow seeds of faith. Embrace hope. Walk in love. Let everything you do, be done with Him in mind." ~Susie Larson

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