My Heart: Missions

Ever since I was little, I have had a heart that breaks for people.  People in general - rich, poor, any color, any race, any style, if they look funny {smile} or maybe smell funny!  All people have the ability to hurt, to break.  My heart aches for those people.  I want to help them, I want to serve them.  What can I give to you or do for you that will take just a little edge off of your pain?  I do try to accomplish this daily with people around me.  Sometimes I fail!  {Imagine that!}  Sometimes I get preoccupied or too busy to notice.  But I'm trying.

A few years ago, my husband and I were given the opportunity to go and work on a school in Swaziland, Africa.  It was our first "missions" trip together and it was amazing!  I started a blog back then, if you would like to take a peek, here is the link:  That trip broke me! 

We returned home in December 2009 and it was one month later that the massive earthquake struck Haiti.  I had never really thought about Haiti.  My heart was attached {and it will forever be!} to Africa.  My husband came to me and said that he felt that we were supposed to go.  Keep in mind that NO ONE was allowed in except for military and first response personnel.  I looked at him like he was absolutely insane!  However, my husband isn't one to throw around crazy ideas, so I started doing some digging.  To make a really long {but amazing, miraculous} story short, 2 weeks later he was flying into Haiti as part of an assessment team.  They were going in to assess the damage that had been done to more than 40 churches throughout Port-au-Prince.  It was so hard for me to think about helping with the rebuilding.  How do you choose who gets their home rebuilt?  Who do you help?  Where do you begin?  Thankfully, we were able to partner with an organization {Builder's International} that had the vision to start with the places that would cause a ripple effect - the churches.  The churches are the center of the community, a place where outreach begins, where fellowship and family flourishes. 

 We were able to lead 2 teams into Haiti in 2010 to assist in the rebuilding efforts, but it has now been almost 2 years since our last trip.  However, we will be leaving in just a few short weeks to lead in another team.  We are so excited to see the friends, see what progress has been made and be able to work alongside the missionaries and Haitians as they continue on their journey of recovery!

As for the future, we are excited to see where our journey leads us! 

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