Monday, June 4, 2012

Brick Walls and Batman

I haven't {and I'm still not} the greatest friend.  Perfection in this area?  Not even close!   I still think that I have more testosterone than the average woman {Smile}  I'm really bad about picking up a phone and calling.  I've become more huggable, but it still is not my first, natural instinct!  I tend to be a "fixer" rather than a listener.  None of these things make me a very good friend!

When I was a young teen, I learned some pretty hard lessons about girls and friendship.  {Didn't we all, Ladies?}  So many girls were horribly catty and cruel!  As a pastor's daughter, it was also terribly difficult to know who your true friends were.  Some girls just wanted to be friends because it made them appear more "Christian" or maybe it made it easier to keep their "sins" hidden - hanging out with the Pastor's Kid {Because everyone knows that we are more holy and have more favor with the Big Guy.  Wink, wink!}  As time went on, my walls began to climb higher and higher.  Before I graduated high school, the bricks had me surrounded on all four sides and were higher than I could possibly reach to climb out.  I stayed trapped within those walls for a very long time. 

Thankfully, I married a super-hero {That's right, my own personal Batman!}  He pushed me to step back out into the light, to reach out, to trust.  Very slowly, the walls came crumbling down and my soul was allowed to heal.  My hubby is my best friend, but he has consistently nudged me out into the big, scary world to make new friends and rekindle old.  I still have a long ways to go {that phone call thing might haunt me forever!}, but I am so thankful for the friends that I have been blessed with!  Old friends, new friends, unique friends, quirky friends, deep-thought friends, light-hearted friends, ones to cry with, ones to laugh with, ones to pray with, those friends who know who you are inside and out, up and down, good times and bad....I can't imagine my life without them!


  1. I love having you as a friend and I think you are wonderful and a very very true friend!!!